About Us

Nord.In Cosmetics, stylized as NIC, is a cosmetics brand founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2019 by Tya Nordin. Nord.in Cosmetics was born for those who love to create beauty and have a strong passion for makeup.

Over the year in the making the founder herself, worked out the formula and developed her make up line from scratch to finish. Starting off this amazing foray into the beauty world is the Nord.in Matte Liquid Lipstick that offer perfection of instant matte finish look.

Addressing a diverse and colourful market,  few strong elements were the decisive factors when launching the lipstick. Being vegan, animal cruelty free, high quality pigmentation,  non-transferred, waterproof, long-wearing and beautiful bold colours, were the main concerns to come up with this amazing product.

Loving makeup since her teenager time, she not only made the makeup line for herself, in fact she tried to create it for people who adores to create and appreciate beauty.

She believes with the slightest bit of makeup, one person can create a more perfected version of herself. It is a little polish for attitude and look.

“Putting on makeup is like putting on a pair of high heels. It enhance your confidence and express your inner personality”. Says Tya Nordin, founder of Nord.in Cosmetics.